TPL Records AB has been around since 1984, selling Heavy Metal worldwide with a base in Sweden.

We are one of the few shops that still deal a lot with Vinyls, but we also carry a wide selection of other formats and items as well. In all we have over 10.000 articles, but not all of them are listed on this website yet, but we'll keep 'em comin'!

Our biggest source to sell is on this website, but we also travel around in Sweden on Markets, Record fairs and Festivals.

We don't have the shop at Sveavägen 45-47 (Motala) opened for the public anymore.

To get hold of us:

Postal address:
TPL Records
P.O.Box 4044
S-59104 Motala

Phone/Fax: +46-(0)141-212056

Micke Persson ( - Packaging orders, Goes on Markets and is our face out!
Collects: Helloween, Metal (as in heavy metal), Hard Rock Cafés and bunch of stuff that other people throw in the garbage.

Patrik Leijen ( - Managing orders, Emails, various office stuff.
Collects: Pang Record titles, Skyclad, NWoBHM, Horror DVD's and belly button scrapings.

Robban Kanto ( - Layouts, Design, Artwork, Computer issues.
Collects: Arcturus and when the price is right: Dissection, Enslaved, Emperor, Satyricon, Death and pokémon.